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lost la porte

This page highlights some of the historic properties in La Porte that have been lost or defaced to the point of being unrecognizable.  It is a memorial, of sorts, to the remarkable architecture that will never be able to be duplicated due to cost.

1st natl bank 3.jpg
H-A 1.jpg

The First National Bank, southwest corner of Michigan and Lincolnway, was resurfaced with the removal of the magnificent pillars that graced the exterior.

The original City Hall and Fire Station, at the corner of Lincoln Way and Madison, was stripped of its embellishments and received a new layer of brick.  The back of the building, at the alley, shows the original layer of brick with its striped facade.  

City Hall Lincoln Way copy.jpg
city hall new 2_edited.jpg

The Phoenix Theatre, at the northwest corner of Lincoln Way and Clay, is no longer standing.  Buildings at the west end of the block were also demolished, creating holes in the fabric of the main street..

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