House 3

#3 Julia N. Turnbull House
1410 Indiana Avenue

Built c. 1915
Written by Susan Bukowski
Architect George Wood Allen, La Porte

           The Turnbull house at 1410 Indiana Avenue is an outstanding example of Tudor Revival style architecture. Designed by local architect George Wood Allen, the house was built circa 1915 by Julia M. (Fletcher) Turnbull, the widow of Frederick Alexander Turnbull (April 10, 1849-January 14, 1907).
           Julia Turnbull was born in La Porte on August 20, 1847, the daughter of one of the first wheelwrights and wagon makers in La Porte County, Peter Fletcher from Vermont. Julia’s father-in-law, David B. Turnbull (April 16, 1823-November 1, 1911) from New Jersey, was the founder of the La Porte Wheel Company in 1870. Frederick became associated with the company in 1876. Later, they owned the Turnbull Wagon Company that became the largest employer in Defiance, Ohio, producing 20 wagons and 1,000 wagon wheels per day by 1880. David, Frederick, and Julia all returned to La Porte after David’s retirement, where they lived at 1116 Indiana Avenue. Both Frederick and David passed away before the house was built.
           Julia then moved into the house at 1410 Indiana Avenue. By 1920, William E. Taylor Jr. and his wife Laura, Julia's niece,
 purchased 1410 Indiana Avenue and lived there with Julia, Julia's caretaker, and Julia's sister Sarah.
           William Taylor Jr., a graduate of Harvard, worked in his father’s business, the former Niles & Scott Company, a wheel manufacturing company for agricultural equipment. Later, he owned the Taylor & Taylor Insurance Company with his brother Charles. 

          Julia Turnbull passed away on April 21, 1943 at the age of 95. At the time of her death, her residence was listed as 625 Waverly Road.
          Sometime after 1939, Aloysius J. Rumely, known as A.J., sold his home at 1508 Indiana Avenue and moved with his wife Hannah (Berghoff) to 1410 Indiana Avenue. Hannah Berghoff was the daughter of the successful and well-known beermakers and restauranteurs of Chicago. The Berghoff Restaurant remains in business in the Chicago loop. A.J. was the youngest son of Meinrad and Theresa (Furstos) Rumely. Meinrad and his brother, John, formed the M. Rumely Company after immigrating from Germany in 1848. A.J. and Hannah’s son, A.J. Rumely Jr. became one of La Porte’s finest citizens and mayors, being elected in 1979. 
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