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History of P.E.P.

P.E.P. is a non-profit group of community members that strives to raise public awareness of the importance of historic preserva-tion and actively works toward the preservation of the historic structures in La Porte and the surrounding area.

People Engaged in Preservation (P.E.P.) was formed in 1994 under the aegis of the City of La Porte Historic Preservation Commission with the intent being to take tax deductible contributions to advance historic preservation in

La Porte.  People Engaged in Preservation has evolved into a non-profit citizens' group focusing on historic preservation, restoration, historic designation, and financial support of preservation projects.  

Since 1996, P.E.P. has held its major annual fundraiser, the Christmas Candlelight Tour of Historic Homes, to afford visitors the opportunity to tour La Porte's historic properties including homes, businesses, and churches.  P.E.P. members and volunteers have extensively researched and written histories on all properties included on the tours.  

Other P.E.P. projects have included contributions toward several downtown restoration projects, feasibility studies, and signage; funding for the printing of the La Porte County Public Library's "Walking Tour of the Avenues" brochure; achieving passage of an ordinance mandating a 60-day waiting period before demolition of any historic properties; sponsoring workshops and seminars on topics of historic preservation; purchasing historic properties to save them from demolition; and funding restoration of historic properties.  

P.E.P. has partnered on projects with the La Porte County Historical Society, Indiana Landmarks, and the City of La Porte’s Historic Preservation Commission.  P.E.P. was recognized in 2004 as the Organization of the Year by the La Porte County Historical Society. 


P.E.P.’s Financial Commitments and Accomplishments

P.E.P. has...

  • Commissioned feasibility studies for adaptive reuse of endangered properties,

  • Purchased endangered properties to protect them from destruction while finding a suitable owner including 1008 Michigan Avenue and 516 Lincolnway,

  • Secured legal council in order to fight against the destruction or abuse of historic properties,

  • Made contributions to worthy preservation causes,

  • Promoted and secured landmark status for historic structures and neighborhoods in La Porte,

  • Contributed toward downtown restoration projects including building facade improvements totaling over $20,000,

  • Funded, along with the La Porte Historic Preservation Commission, the printing of the La Porte County Public Library's "Walking Tour of the Avenues" brochures,

  • Edited the 2nd edition of the La Porte County Interim Report, a compendium of historic residences structures,

  • Contributed funding for the restoration of the La Porte County Courthouse clock, The Old Republic in New Carlisle, a Civil War monument, downtown facades, the Historic Landmarks Foundation’s Historic Preservation Commission Assistance Program to provide professional staff consultation to the city, a plaque for the 1847 Pinhook Church, and signs and banners, and

  • Provided a grant to the City of La Porte to facilitate its application as a “Preserve America” city.

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